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This section is dedicated to developpers and beta testers. Here you can find the source codes, binaries and documentations of every UWC related projects.

The source codes and binaries are released under the GNU General Public License, available on the GNU website.

For the moment, there are three projects : UWC 1.x, UWC 2.x and cWebshots.

UWC 1.x

UWC 1.x has been made with Visual Basic 6. It is able to read WBC, WBZ, WB1 and WBD files and extract pictures into JPEG files.
Since version 1.6.6, almost all the source code is distributed under GNU GPL licence. Previous versions were not licenced, and thus should not be used without the permission of the author.
Some parts of the code which belong to other people are still not distributed under the GPL licence (DirExplorer has been created by Yomm and Renfield from www.vbfrance.com; cDibSection and cProgressbar come from www.vbaccelerator.com; cCommonDialogs comes from vbnet.mvps.org; sprintf is a creation of Benoit Frigon).

Downloads :

UWC 2.0



cWebshots is a set of two C++ classes created to handle easily Webshots files.

The usage is quite simple, you can see it by reading the project documentation or the source code of the CLI test program.

The current version is 1.0. This means the interface of the classes will probably not change until the next major release (2.0), which is being re-developped in C++ & Qt for UWC 2.0.

cWebshots :

The documentation is automatically generated by Doxygen, thanks to special commands in the comments of the code. If the documentation of the classes, variables and functions is already ready, I am still working on a more simple description of how it works, and a tutorial.

Project documentation :

In order to test the functionalities of cWebshots, I made a little command line interface program. It can convert each Webshots format into another, while modifying the value of some fields (category, credits ...). It is quite easy to use. I do not work anymore on this program, so please do not ask me to add features !

CLI test program beta 6 :

Webshots file formats

Here are several files explaining the structure of WBZ, WBC and WBX files. These documents are distributed under the GNU FDL license, available on the GNU website.

Downloads :

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